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"We are all Marketplace Missionaries!"

On Saturday, June 3, 2017, with 1,000+ students enrolled, we kicked-off

our 1st Marketplace Missionary Certificate Program (MMCP)!

Our MMCP model is to empower local churches and re-engage seminaries in

training leaders to live out biblical truths in business & the marketplace.

Piloting this movement, we have partnered with

a host church SaRang Church in Seoul, South Korea

and renown Biblical Theological Seminary (BTS).

P31 launched MMCP with 'P31 - Doing Business Biblically,'

the first of a five (5) course series certificate program, taught by Tim Haahs.

Photo Above: Over 1,000 students at the 1st session of 'P31 - Doing Business Biblically'

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